Products We Love: Direct View LED

If you’ve been in the market for digital signage or a large venue video screen, you’ve probably heard the term “Direct View LED” being thrown around. You probably know what LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are. But what does “Direct View” mean, and do you need it? We’ll help break it down for you!

Direct View LED Overview

A Direct View LED display is a flat-panel display that uses hundreds of tiny LEDs mounted directly onto a panel with no glass overlay. Instead of the LEDs working as a backlight behind glass, like in a traditional LED display, the LEDs produce the image themselves in this application. So instead of viewing a piece of glass that is being lit up by LEDs behind it, you’re directly viewing the LEDs to see the overall picture.

Direct View LED Pros

Because Direct View LED panels don’t have a glass overlay with a bezel, they can be tiled together to create a seamless video wall of any size. A display could be made up of 2 or 2,000 panels, depending on the size you need, which makes it ideal for several applications. Additionally, they give the viewer a wide viewing angle, so the display can be seen from almost any vantage point. Direct View LED panels are significantly smaller and thinner than traditional LED technology, while still being extremely bright and reliable. They are energy efficient, but still have the best color accuracy and refresh rates of any available display type today. In a sense, Direct View LEDs give you the best of both worlds in a single scalable and flexible application.

Best environments for Direct View LED

One of the major benefits of the Direct View LED panel is that it can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. It’s the perfect solution for large-scale digital signage and other installations that feature high-impact visuals that need to be bright. Direct View LEDs are measured by pixel pitch, or how close the LED pixels are to each other. For walls that will be viewed from a close range, you’ll need a smaller pixel pitch to create a higher resolution image. For outdoor signage or other installations with a larger viewer distance, a larger pixel pitch will be sufficient. Large-scale Direct View LED installations can often be seen at large sports arenas, theaters, airports, malls, and convention centers. Smaller displays can be seen at retailers and restaurants. Because the product can be scaled up and down depending on the installation, it really is perfect for any industry or business.

As you can see, Direct View LED panels are a flexible, scalable solution for digital signage. They can benefit any industry and will work for almost any application environment. If you’re looking for a new digital signage solution, give us a call. We can bring demo screens to your space so you can see how the display will look in your specific environment.

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