Products We Love: LED Wall Panels

We’re sure you’ve seen them. Hanging in retail stores displaying the latest sales and deals, on stage at a concert behind Lady Gaga or Luke Bryan, or even at church on Sunday morning. We’re talking about LED wall panels—the ultra thin, ultra light solution to video reproduction. AVG recently installed 50 LED panels in the sanctuary of the First Baptist Church of Rockville (FBCR) to make up two large video walls, and they’re already seeing the benefits.

The project started when the church wanted to update their old 4:3 rear projection screens. AVG could have just installed a new projection system and moved on, but we took it a step further and proposed LED panel walls for the church. When compared to traditional projection systems, LED is a much better option; LEDs use less energy, last longer, are brighter and more vivid, and have more flexibility and versatility than a projector. After a demo, FBCR was sold on the many benefits—including the increased ROI—of going LED.

FBCR’s original setup. AVG replaced their two screens with LED wall panels for a higher quality picture.

AVG started by removing the existing projection screens and installing dry wall over the holes for the new installation. The two LED walls were mounted on the face of the church’s proscenium and are made up of 25 Vanguard (formerly Aeson) P4, 4MM pixel pitch panels each, and are 10.5’ wide and 6.5’ tall. Based on the closest viewer at 35 feet away, AVG determined that this panel setup provided the best resolution for the church.

The new LED walls overcome most of the issues that their old projection system couldn’t accommodate; things like direct sunlight affecting brightness and frequently replacing expensive projector bulbs. The LED panels will last for years with little to no loss in screen brightness, and the panels are extremely energy efficient. They are the future of the video industry, and FBCR’s early adoption will pay off big time.

Another positive of the LED panels is the easy installation. Less time installing the system means a lower cost for the church. The flexibility of the system means that FBCR can use a blu-ray player as a video input for the panels, or use ProPresenter from an iMac to display song lyrics, bible verses, pictures, videos, and more. During the process, AVG was also able to upgrade the sanctuary’s rear confidence monitor (the small monitor in front of the presenter that shows them what the audience is seeing) to a 6700 lumen NEC projector.

And the final product. The image is crisp and clear and will stay that way for years to come!

Overall, the new system has proven successful for the First Baptist Church of Rockville. The LED panels are easy to use, and the system requires almost no maintenance, so the church staff, volunteers, and congregation can spend more time on what truly matters.

Think LED panels might work for your church or business? Give us a call!

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