Products We Love: QSC Q-SYS™ Digital Software Platform

QSC, LLC, has been in the A/V design and manufacture business for nearly five decades. Their long list of expertise and wide range of available services has made them AVG’s trusted partner for many years. We also appreciate the company’s values, which mirror some of our own, like integrity and commitment.

While we use many of their products, we think the Q-SYS Digital Software Platform is a unique solution to incorporate into your new or current audio system. This product provides an easy solution for routing and controlling audio and is ideal for facilities with many separate buildings. A processor could be installed in the main building to route audio to all of the other buildings on the property. Each individual building would have its own touch panel to control the sound throughout the entire facility. Q-SYS has seen great success in the hospitality industry with installations in hotels, convention centers, and performance venues, but could easily be applied to many other industries and facilities.

Q-SYS can handle almost any size job—from boardrooms to airports—and its intuitive design makes it easy to install, operate, and maintain. With a brand like QSC, you know you’re getting a reliable product and even though you probably won’t have many issues, the company’s 24/7 worldwide support can assist you with any problems that might pop up.

We’ve got a long list of audio solutions for your organization. Whether you think the Q-SYS system is right for you or you want to see other options, give us a call! We’ll find the right fit for you.

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