The Relationship with Audio-Video Group: Design, Build, Maintain

For nearly 15 years, Audio-Video Group has developed, refined, and perfected their unique approach allowing them to grow into an audiovisual systems leader throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. Venues of varying sizes, serving a multitude of purposes have partnered with Audio-Video Group to maximize the value of their audio and video equipment.

Audio-Video Group has developed their processes around the belief that no church or business is the same. Employing customer-driven strategies, Audio-Video Group combines a complete range of technical disciplines to offer customized, high-quality solutions. With a strategically led, consultative approach utilizing over 100 years of combined experience, we work closely with our clients to design, build, and maintain the best solutions possible with respect to the goals, challenges, needs, and budget of our clients.



Audio-Video Group employs their customized methodology to deliver a well thought through system.  After developing a thorough understanding for the client’s goals and needs, Audio-Video Group uses a variety of computer aided design tools to bring their leadership and knowledge to life. We’re committed to partnering with clients, which is why all initial designs and proposals are included with our services.



Audio-Video Group’s building team has one goal: to provide our clients with best-in-class, low maintenance solutions that satisfy all core needs now and for years to come. That’s why every build uses top rated products and materials, and follows a fully engineered design package to ensure high quality results. Upon completion of our build, we meticulously label all parts, including wires, and provide As-Built documentation for ultimate transparency.



Delivering effective audio and video systems across a variety of venues demands a host of skills. Our dedication to best-in-class, low maintenance solutions blends experienced design, strategic building, and customer-driven maintenance to deliver results that are ready to grow with our customers and engineered with simplicity in mind.

From design to maintenance, Audio-Video Group has excelled in partnering with clients to create best-in-class audio and video solutions. If you’re interest in learning more about our unique approach or want to talk to a team member about a potential project, please feel free to contact Audio-Video Group at 301-668-4448 or visit our website,

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