Resthaven Funeral Services and Mourning in a Pandemic

Funerals can be emotionally challenging at any time, and particularly during a pandemic. People are concerned about losing their loved ones to COVID-19, and the bereaved now have to be worried about the spread of COVID-19 at a funeral service.

In Frederick, MD, Resthaven Funeral Services is working with Audio-Video Group to update their A/V systems and live stream capabilities to help families celebrate their lives and grieve the deaths of their loved ones.

“Audio-Video Group built a state-of-the-art system that integrated monitors in the funeral home chapel, community room, and children’s playroom. And a closed-circuit camera in the sanctuary, as well as audio controls and HDMI hookups,” funeral director Skkot Cody said. “It’s been working very well for us.”

Resthaven and Audio-Video Group are also working together to increase their live streaming capabilities. The Audio-Video Group team worked together with Resthaven’s IT department to ensure the wifi was up to speed and was on-site to live stream funeral services for families. 

“Audio-Video Group is currently working on an upgrade to our equipment that will allow us to live stream the funeral and memorial services ourselves, which will improve the level of service we can provide under the COVID circumstances,” Cody explained. ” Audio-Video Group performed above and beyond the call under sometimes stressful conditions in our first live stream efforts. Their assistance has proven invaluable, and they’ve always made us look good.”

Live streaming capabilities are crucial to safe funerals during COVID. The National Funeral Directors Association has new safety guidelines to help directors guide families into figuring out what will work best for their needs. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer guidance to families, including encouraging outdoor services and ensuring everyone has a face covering. Community spread of COVID after funerals has happened in at least two instances, and the CDC is advising families to reconsider how they approach the event. The option for mourners to watch the services on a live stream, as Resthaven is implementing, is critical to individual and community safety.

The CDC is also offering advice for grieving people–an experience that can be exacerbated by feelings of isolation. It is essential to find ways to stay connected with a support system even when they can’t be with you in person.

At Audio-Video Group, we want to help ensure that people stay connected. From helping with live streams of events like funerals, weddings, and graduations, to keeping assisted living and hospice residents in touch with their families, our priority is using our expertise in audio-visual technology to keep our community healthy and connected. 

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