Safely Bring Joy and Holiday Spirit with Audio-Video Technology

Set Up the Perfect Holiday Light Show with the Help of Audio-Video Group

It’s no secret that this holiday season is going to be different than what we’re all used to, and there’s no reason to sacrifice the spirit of the season. Immersive holiday drive-through light shows can get everyone feeling festive while staying safe–and bring them to your business or church.

Audio-Video Group is ready to help our clients set up an incredible display with the help of our manufacturing partner, Sharp NEC. More than creative stringing of lights–this can be a fully captivating experience for your community, allowing them to drive through multiple staged areas with different festive scenes that tell a unique story.

Bayside Church in Sacramento, CA is an inspiring example of what can happen with the right equipment and imagination. For the past five years, this church has set up one of the most popular Christmas-themed attractions in town, with cars backed up for miles waiting to get in.

We can work with our customers on providing and installing the equipment they need to build a community event like this. You can project onto buildings, create special effects, set up physical lights, and develop a catching sound design. We recommend that any client who wants to create a drive-through light display like this contact us by the end of November at the latest so that we can procure and install what you’ll need to make it perfect.

Audio-Video Group Plan Now for Great Holiday Gatherings

Photo of projection mapping using NEC projectors by Bayside Church. For additional information, you can read the full case study at  Sharp NEC – Bayside Church Case Study.

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