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Modern AV Cables and Connectors: An Overview

AV cables and connectors are the lifeblood of communications. They ensure that our meetings, presentations, events, and technological interactions remain seamless. Let’s look at modern cables and connector types and see what they bring to the table. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) Emerging in the early 2000s, HDMI streamlined the chaos of audio and video cables into a singular solution. Over time, it has become a global standard, and its versions have evolved to support even 8K video resolutions. Retail spaces commonly employ HDMI for digital signage, given its ability to carry crisp HD and 4K video along with audio. Modern…

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How to Select the Perfect Microphone

A microphone is one of the most common pieces of AV equipment. You need a microphone to participate in conference calls, give a presentation, use a PA system, or record a podcast… This article will help you understand how microphones work and which one will best suit your business needs. How Microphones Work Sound is a mechanical wave that puts pressure on an obstacle it hits. This interaction is what helps humans perceive sound, and the same principle applies to microphones. A microphone is a transducer that converts sound waves into electric signals and sends them to an amplifier. Different…

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Wireless Collaboration Solutions: Taking Your Business Meetings to the Next Level

With more and more businesses switching to new work models, such as remote and hybrid work, collaboration efficiency becomes one of the main concerns for business owners. It comes down to two questions… How can you ensure the same level of involvement and effectiveness when one part of your team works from the office and another from home? How can you make communication between different locations in multi-campus organizations more efficient? This article gives the answer. How BYOM Redefines Business Communications Remember when BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) was a red-hot trend? This concept meant employees could use their personal…

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Cost Vs. Quality in Audio Video Technology

When it comes to audio and video equipment, businesses often face the temptation to look for the cheapest option available. However, investing in quality audio equipment has several benefits that can make it well worth the extra investment. Each month, one of our team gives a presentation on a topic related to AVG and how we can best serve our clients. This article is based on a recent presentation by Austin Woodall, AVG Sales Engineer. This version of his talk will explain how to find the balance between price and quality and why trying to save every penny is not…

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