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Modern AV Cables and Connectors: An Overview

AV cables and connectors are the lifeblood of communications. They ensure that our meetings, presentations, events, and technological interactions remain seamless. Let’s look at modern cables and connector types and see what they bring to the table. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) Emerging in the early 2000s, HDMI streamlined the chaos of audio and video cables into a singular solution. Over time, it has become a global standard, and its versions have evolved to support even 8K video resolutions. Retail spaces commonly employ HDMI for digital signage, given its ability to carry crisp HD and 4K video along with audio. Modern…

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Building the Perfect PA System

PA (public address) systems are a vital part of an AV setup for any organization directly communicating with an audience. PA systems are used in educational and medical facilities, stadiums, performance venues, houses of worship, and much, much more. This article will explain what makes a PA system perfect and how to build it. Types of PA Systems There are several types of PA systems, and there is no universal answer as to which type will best suit you. It all depends on your goals and needs. So, here’s a quick overview of all options: Portable Vs. Built-In PA Systems…

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How to Choose the Right Projector for Your Business

Whether you want to update your conference/meeting room AV setup or impress your venue visitors with stunning visuals –a projector could be your best solution. But how to pick the right one? This guide gives the answer! Types of Modern Projectors The first step is to choose the technology that your new projector will use – which primarily means, the way it produces light. There are three main options on the market today: lamp, LED, and laser projectors. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each of these types. Lamp Projectors This type of projector has been used for decades….

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Classroom AV Equipment That Wow Students

Classroom AV Equipment That Wow Students Modern education is impossible without a multimedia component. Research shows that AV equipment positively impact students’ engagement, information absorption, and problem-solving. Summer breaks are underway, and it’s the right time to consider updating your school’s classroom AV equipment. How to Build a Multimedia Classroom: The Basics Let’s start with some basic rules. Here are the main principles to keep in mind when building a multimedia classroom: Naturally, you’ll want tested and certified equipment from trusted vendors. Ease of use. The comfort of operation is very important in the learning process when everything must be…

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Elevating The Audio Quality Output of Your Business

If your company uses audio communications you should make sure that the AUDIO quality issue is not overlooked. Whether you record a podcast or host an offline conference, the clarity and audio quality are vital – and it’s been proven by scientific research. So, if your company uses audio communications you should make sure that the sound quality issue is not overlooked. In this article, we will give you some actionable advice on improving the quality of sound you produce. But first, let’s discuss why your business even needs audio. How Audio Can Help Your Business Grow People love listening….

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Every Meeting Room Needs AV

Every Meeting Room Needs AV When meeting with colleagues, clients, or potential customers, it’s essential to make a good impression. Your business should invest in AV equipment for every meeting room. By doing so, you can ensure that all your meetings run smoothly and look professional. At AVG we specialize in audio video installation! Below, we will discuss the different types of AV equipment that you may need for your meeting rooms. We will also provide tips on choosing the right AV equipment for your needs. Let’s get started! Video Equipment Projector One of the most critical pieces of AV…

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What’s a Huddle Room & How It Can Benefit My Audio Video?

What’s a Huddle Room and Why Should I Care aND HOW IT CAN BENEFIT MY AUDIO VIDEO? The days of rows and rows of cubicles and glass-doored offices may really be over. As remote work becomes more and more normal, the business office floor plan needs some drastic changes. Open office spaces are more popular so that the employees that do come into the office can collaborate freely and reserving space is less complicated. However, open floor plans come with their own set of problems – namely, privacy for phone calls and quiet for the same. Creating an office for…

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