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Is Wireless Audio Right for Your Organization?

When you plan a new audio setup, you must make some choices – and the first one is usually which type of connection to use. Both wired and wireless connections are widely used, so which one will be better for your business? Let’s find out. Wireless Audio Pros Of course, wireless audio’s first and most obvious benefit is that it does not require wires. That is a benefit in that it means much less AV engineering and design is involved in creating a wireless setup. Cable management can become daunting – imagine how much easier it is to mount a…

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How Acoustic Treatment Improves Your Business Space

Having a high-end audio system at your disposal is great, but more is needed to ensure a perfect listening experience. Even if the quality of sound it produces is excellent, your audience may still hear it differently than intended. Enter acoustic treatment – the crucial ingredient in your audio setup. If you thought acoustic treatment solutions belonged only in recording studios, think twice! This article will explain why any business where audio is essential should use it. What Is Acoustic Treatment Acoustic treatment is a solution that minimizes unwanted effects like echoes that appear in any space where sound is…

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How to Choose the Right Projector Screen

Choosing the right projector for your business may be a tricky task and getting the right one matters. You know what else matters? The screen! Which screen should you pick? And is a projector screen even necessary? This article will help you to make the right decision. Why You Need a Projector Screen Is a projector screen absolutely necessary? Actually, it’s not. You can use a white wall or a whiteboard as a screen – if the surface is very smooth and the room is completely dark. However, it is hardly possible to fulfill these requirements in the office environment….

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