Take The Field

Everyone looks forward to summer.  The long, warm days make it easy to sit back and relax, but you don’t want to be caught napping when it comes to your AV system maintenance.  You should take advantage of the empty halls to make sure that everything will be ready to go when school is back in session.  For Audio Video Group, summer is the time to address a variety of issues before they affect you during the school year.  As your students take a vacation, we take the field.  When we do, here are some common issues that we often run into:

Power Surge Damage: Even though general-purpose power strips might make you feel like your equipment is safe, they often can’t fully protect sensitive system components.  You should only be using power strips with active circuitry to full protect the equipment. Audio Video Group system review will make sure you power strips are in good condition and suitable for the season ahead.

Weather or Environmental Damage: For outside systems that have to endure everything from hail to prolonged exposure to sun, a regular maintenance is essential.  Even for indoor systems, however, changes in humidity can cause issues. Did you know that indoor pools are extremely corrosive to AV equipment? Pools can greatly impact your equipment and should be checked routinely. And lets not forget foul tipped baseballs and errant basketballs hitting speakers during the season.

Vandalism: It’s sad, but it certainly is not uncommon in schools and in public areas.  Audio Video Group can help you be proactive, but you can look for visual indicators such as foreign objects in speakers, damage to grills, stress on cables, speakers pointing in wrong direction, and even holes in speakers. Doing a routine check twice a year should be sufficient, but if anything looks questionable, be sure to call in a professional to assess the damage.

Wear and tear: Professional AV systems are built tough, but not built forever.  Long periods of use can take their toll, and it’s best to take advantage of maintenance options before problems become more costly. A well done maintenance program can help you get the most life out of your equipment and at times, offset the costs of having an entire system go at once, which could be very costly.

Neglect: Out of sight, out of mind – should not apply to your AV system. Waiting year after year to take the necessary care will insure something will go wrong when classes come back in.  When is the last time you’ve checked your system wiring and connections? If you can’t remember, it’s likely been too long.

Don’t have time to ensure your systems are running at their best? Don’t wait until August to figure out if you systems is running in the best condition. Call Audio Video Group about our regular maintenance and direct service calls. We can help pick the maintenance option that will make that back-to-school rush a thing of the past!

Call Audio Video Group at 301.668.4448 or contact us on our website, www.audiovideogroup.com for more information.

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