Taking Control of 2015

For any church, corporate environment or retail store, one of the most profitable trends we’ve seen is the switch to digital audio and video equipment. Everyday more organizations are installing flat-panel TV’s and speakers with the goal of creating a more enjoyable experience for their respective audience. Churches are installing everything from TV’s and speakers to video recording equipment to stream their services live. Corporate Environments are installing equipment all over the office to optimize their meetings or just to enhance their reception areas. And retail stores are creating exceptional shopping experiences with the use of digital signage and streaming music.

There really is no arguing the fact that digital is profitable. We’ve touched on it a handful of times over the course of the year: 3 Steps to a More Profitable Retail Experience, 3 Engaging Display Technologies. However, despite the endless benefits, people continue to remain hesitant when making the leap to digital; often times citing a lack of know how or being overwhelmed as their primary reasons.

Well, today we are happy to share with you, control systems, technology that can finally put your fears to rest. In a nutshell, control systems can ultimately simplify your life through its powerful automation features.  These systems give you the power to control all of your audio/video equipment, lights, even temperature through your Smartphone ultimately providing a variety of benefits.

Energy Efficiency

Have you ever left a piece of equipment on overnight? Do this too many times and you’re going to pay the price on your next energy bill. A major benefit of control systems is its ability to save 15% on energy costs by eliminating unnecessary usage. With control systems comes the end of unnecessarily high-energy bill.


Let’s be honest – no one enjoys making his or her rounds to make sure everything has been properly turned off. It’s a pain and is often times skipped. Arguably the best advantage of having control systems installed is that you can manage your building from the comfort of your own home. You will be able to turn on and off all of your equipment with the click of a button. Or, if your building works on a rather consistent schedule, you can set everything up on a schedule.

Gone are the days of leaving projectors on overnight, forgetting to turn off all of your equipment, or leaving the lights on because you didn’t want to walk around the entire building. Control systems give you power to do all of that with the click of a button and can provide your business or church with a more efficient, more customized experience.

Making the jump can be stressful; there is no arguing that, which is why we want to provide you any assistance. We’d be happy to map out the plethora of benefits and the returns of taking control of your digital equipment. For more information, or questions, visit www.AudioVideoGroup.com or call (800)668-4988 to speak with one of your specialists.

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