Taking Your Worship on the Road: AV for Your Retreat

As summer fades into fall, it’s that time of year again: retreat season.  Your retreat is a time to reflect, relax, and have fun.  It’s an event that you put a lot of effort into and can ultimately, have a significant impact on your attendees.

While a retreat is certainly a great time to get away, you don’t want to get away from a great worship experience.  In fact, you can even rent audio and video tools to help ensure that your retreat is the best worship experience of the year.  Audio-Video Group has created a list of five rental components that are essential to creating a memorable retreat experience.

1. Stage and Lighting

worshiphands-wordpressThe atmosphere at a retreat is key, and often an atmosphere of reflection can be cultivated with rentable lighting equipment and a well-designed stage.  Not only will this give your audience a focal point for your event, but it will also help to set the mood. The team here at Audio-Video Group has the expertise needed to create the ideal environment, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re looking for ideas. We’d be happy to help.

2. Projection Screens

If you’re going to take your worship on the road, you’ll need a place to display your song lyrics, videos, and messages.  This is where portable projection screens come in handy.  With options in both front and rear projection, AVG can help you create a beautiful display or provide you with a projector to enhance your worship experience.

3. Mixing Console

You want your worship to sound as good as it does in your building, and the best way to do that is to rent a mixing console so that you can tweak your sound to perfection.  Whether you need a console equipped for drums, electric guitars, and a bass, or simply for a couple of acoustic guitars and vocals, an audio expert at AVG can provide you with a variety of rental options sized to fit your needs perfectly.

4. Cables, Stands or Even Portable Staging

Renting cables and stands can alleviate the hassle of hauling your own equipment to and from your retreat destination. With a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, Audio-Video Group can help you make sure that your system is equipped with everything you need to put on skits, lessons, and music.

5. Microphone Systems

And speaking of skits, it can be extremely helpful to have a wireless mic system so that your audience can hear your presentation.  Not only that, but a wireless mic system can give your speaker the freedom to move about the room instead of being fixed to a cabled mic or podium.  Whether you go with lapel mics, handheld mics, or headsets, don’t forget to look into this option as a solution for your next event.


Not only can Audio-Video Group provide you with any of the stand-alone components you’ll need for your retreat, but we can also offer entire presentation systems.  Whatever you need to take your worship on the road, AVG is ready to travel with you.  For more information, contact us at 301.668.4448 or on our website, www.audiovideogroup.com, and we’ll help you make your retreat an experience your attendees won’t forget.

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