Tech Industry Tariff Troubles

The tech industry—as well as many others—is feeling the impact of the most recent proposed expansion of tariffs on imports from China. Computers, batteries, smartphones, projectors, speakers, and televisions are just a few of the products that could be affected by these changes. That means that production and delivery could be majorly delayed. As industry professionals with years of experience, we’re used to policies creating ripple effects in production. We’re prepared to adjust production timelines and reduce major impact to the overall success of a project because of these delays. But companies that take on A/V projects themselves might have trouble dealing with these consequences. Here’s how we can help in these situations.

  1. Adjust Production Timelines
    Flexibility has always been important in our industry, but when one part of a project relies on the completion of three or four other components before it, scheduling can get tricky. With years of experience, we know which pieces of a project rely on others and can make adjustments accordingly to keep the project running smoothly, even if there are unforeseen delays.
  2. Manage Budgets
    Increased tariffs cause product prices to increase. And unexpected tariff increases in the middle of a project can cause the current market prices to differ from the initial proposal prices and impact the bottom line. We have experience anticipating changes like this and can adjust accordingly along the way as needed.
  3. Anticipate Other Potential Issues
    Sometimes it’s hard to say how additional tariffs will impact your project. But when you’re working with an experienced company like ours, we’re able to anticipate other potential issues and create solutions for them ahead of time.

Whether it means researching new manufacturers, rearranging our initial design, or adjusting the production timeline, we will always make sure your project gets done to your satisfaction, tariffs or no tariffs. If you need help navigating the waters of increased tariffs, give us a call! We can talk about the potential impact on your project and help create a solution.

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