Unleash Your Inner Gladiator: CycleFit Frederick and Audio-Video Group

We all know someone who’s tried a spin class. Whether you’ve never exercised in your life or you’re a professional bodybuilder, you can benefit from this calorie-burning exercise. The powerful cardio workout is sweeping the nation, and luckily for Frederick residents, CycleFit has brought spinning to downtown!

The core of CycleFit is high-energy, high intensity cardio, with a full-body workout thrown into the mix. In order to give riders an environment that fits the culture of spinning—dim lighting, loud music, mic’d instructors—Audio-Video Group installed high-end sound and video systems throughout CycleFit’s studio.


“Spinning has a very specific culture. A culture of high-energy, inspirational exercise,” said Brett Kraimer, CycleFit Frederick co-owner. “We wanted to bring that culture to Frederick, while still infusing our own uniqueness into the studio. Audio-Video Group was able to help us do that.”

The Arena

Cyclefit’s cycling room, The Arena, was created to awaken your senses. Owners Brett Kraimer, Chris Kraimer, and Allie Korotky wanted high energy, thumping music in each class, so AVG started out with a full sound system made up of JBL speakers, Crown amplifiers, and a Soundcraft digital mixer. Eighteen-inch, low frequency subwoofers add to the powerful atmosphere of the Arena, and bring intensity to each class. The entire system is networked, so the processor, amplifier, and speakers can all be digitally controlled from one computer or IPad, letting instructors put all of their focus on the class in front of them.


Inspiring Spinners

The next step was giving CycleFit a high-end video system to project videos and inspirational slides on the entire wall behind instructors during classes. AVG brought in a 6,000-lumen Vivitek projector for bright, clear projection. A mac mini running ProPresenter lets employees easily create presentations and wirelessly control slides from an IPad during class. Wireless mics for instructors can also be controlled through an IPad, and makes sure instructors are heard over the loud music.


“The idea for the projector came to us as a blessing in disguise. Like most spin studios, our original plan was to install a wall of mirrors. When we were told that wouldn’t work for our space, we needed an alternative. That’s where the projector came in. This is what really sets us apart from other studios. You’d be surprised to find out how much time our instructors put into the videos and inspiration they show during their classes, and our clients really seem to love it. It’s been a great asset for CycleFit Frederick,” Kraimer said.

Finishing Strong

Finally, AVG distributed audio throughout CycleFit’s retail store and locker rooms and brought dim lighting to the Arena, adding to the room’s intensity. An out-of-reach rack was installed to protect the equipment and puts the finishing touch on the project.


“We had a long list of things we wanted to do with the sound and lighting systems throughout the facility, but not all of that was possible with our budget. Audio-Video Group did a great job of helping us choose the most important parts of the system and making sure we came in on budget. Throughout the whole process they were responsive and professional, and were patient with us as we learned the ins and outs of the system,” Kraimer said.

You can check out AVG’s handiwork by taking a class at CycleFit at various times throughout the week. Or, give us a call to see how we can help make your audio or video dreams come true!

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