Upgrading Your Church Video System

Upgrading Your Church Video System

Are you looking for a way to improve your worship services? If so, you may want to consider upgrading your church video system. An excellent video system can help make your services more engaging and effective.

Upgrading your church’s video system will enable you to live stream, a critical option today. Below, we will discuss what you need to consider when upgrading your church video system.

We will also provide tips on choosing the right system for your needs.

Start With Your AV Budget

One of the most important things to consider when upgrading your church video system is your budget.

There are various options available, so you’ll need to decide what you can afford. Depending on what you want to accomplish, you may want to adjust your budget.

Knowing what you have available to spend will reduce the time it takes to find the best church video system.

Decide What You Want to Accomplish with Video

You’ll need to think about what type of video system you need.

  • Do you want to improve the appearance of your live streams?
  • Do you want to present information visually during a church service or other function at the church?
  • Do you want to play videos for the congregation?

Once you decide what you want to do, it’s easier to narrow down the options from the dizzying amount of video systems on the market today.

Up Your Live Stream Quality

Your congregation wants to listen to your words rather than criticize your video quality, but it doesn’t hurt to stream a clear video. To up your live stream video game, you need:

  • A decent camera
  • Good lighting
  • Knowledge of exposure and framing
  • A way to encode the files for best quality

Once you get the basics down, it’s easy to create outstanding live stream content that your at-home and far away congregants will appreciate and enjoy.

Enhance Your Service with Interactive Content

If you’re looking for a way to engage your congregation, consider using interactive content. This can be in the form of quizzes, videos of hymn lyrics, and inspiring passages.

You can even have a live feed where people can send in questions that you answer during the service. The great thing about interactive content is that it keeps people engaged and makes them think. It can also be a lot of fun.

Think Outside the “Video” Box

When upgrading your church video system, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. There are all sorts of options available that you may not have considered.

For example, you could use virtual reality to immerse people in different religious stories or use a green screen to create special effects. Be creative and have fun with it.

We hope this article has helped you consider what you need to consider when upgrading your church video system. If you want to start shopping for your upgrades, call us today 800.668.4988.

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