We Need Your Help – Donation Drive

Yesterday, Audio-Video Group donated 41 cases of “Cup-of-Noodles” and 1,250 utensil packets to The Religious Coalition after learning of their need on Twitter.

However, I was shocked when they told me 41 cases of noodles would only last two or three days! 

So, we’ve decided to coordinate a donation drive to gather some much-needed items, especially as the weather is getting colder. Our goal is to collect at least these items:

  • 50 Cases of Water
  • 25 Knit Hats
  • 25 Pairs of Gloves
  • 25 Scarves

If we receive everything on the list, Audio-Video Group will match those donations items for items, meaning your generosity will have TWICE the impact! 

Every little bit helps. A 35 pack of water from Wegman’s costs $2.69. 

Come on, friends, let’s do this! 

Donation items can be dropped off at our headquarters (8415 Progress Drive, Suite G, Frederick, Maryland 21701) by 12 PM on Wednesday, November 27th. 

THANK YOU so very much for considering our request!

P.S. – Please pass along this invitation to anyone you feel may be willing to help our effort to support our community. 

“I encourage all the recipients of this challenge to meet it ASAP. Eric Johnson is extremely generous and he has put a challenge before us. As a member of the program committee of the Religious Coalition and a former co-chair of the Cold Weather Shelter for five years, I know of the great need these simple and otherwise mundane items would meet. Please support Eric’s project NOW.”

With gratitude, Eric, Gerry Hanberry
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