What Audio-Video Solutions Do Small Businesses Need?

What Audio-Video Solutions do Small Businesses Need?

All businesses need audio-video solutions in today’s growing connectivity age. However, many small businesses are lagging in their AV tech either because of budgetary concerns or the idea that they don’t need updated tech. AVG is the best situated to aid your business with audio-video solutions in MD, DC, and VA.

To be competitive, small businesses must adapt and grow. We’ll give you the reasons small businesses need audio-video solutions, where you most need your new tech, and which must-have components you need to succeed.

Audio-Video Solutions for Communication

First and foremost, businesses need audio-visual solutions to improve communication both internally and externally. In the past, businesses would use an intercom system to communicate between employees in different parts of the building.

Today, there are so many more options available that can help employees stay connected no matter where they are. For example, a small business might use a video conferencing system to hold meetings with employees who work remotely. This way, everyone can see and hear each other clearly without having to be in the same room.

And AV is critical for effective onboarding and training of new employees, especially those working remotely.

Audio-Video Solutions for Security

Small businesses also need audio-visual solutions for security purposes. A business can use CCTV cameras to monitor activity both inside and outside of the building. This helps to deter crime and can also be used as evidence if a crime does occur.

Many businesses also use access control systems to restrict entry to certain areas of the building. For example, an employee might need a key card to enter the server room. This helps to protect sensitive equipment and data.

AV Tech for Marketing

Small businesses are using audio-visual solutions for marketing purposes now more than ever. A business can use digital signage to advertise sales or promote new products. They can also use video walls to create an immersive experience for customers.

For example, a business might use a video wall to display a product demo. This can help customers see the features and benefits of a product before making a purchase.

These are just a few reasons a small business might consider updating its audio-video equipment. Let’s look at the spaces where small businesses need updated AV.

Create an Engaging Lobby Experience with AV

If you have a lobby in your small business, you want to make a great impression on your guests. In addition to the standard waiting room TVs, you can add digital kiosks for contactless sign-in and informational, interactive directories.

On those TVs, you can offer video presentations of your company. You can get updated stereo components to play music for your guests. Make a memorable first impression that lasts.

AV Creates Showrooms that Sell

It’s still all about that first impression! If you have a showroom or sales floor in your business location, the right technology will impress potential customers when it matters most – when they are ready to buy. Use music, video, and interactive experience to hit every sense with the value you bring.

Meeting Rooms That Inspire Productivity

Meetings are more effective when everyone can participate. In today’s age of remote workers and distributed teams, audio-visual solutions that spark collaboration and make it easy to share presentations are powerful.

Additionally, if you meet with potential clients in your meeting rooms, you’ll need the right components to “wow” them during that important presentation.

Now that we’ve outlined the places you need audio-visual solutions, let’s consider the type of AV a small business should consider.

Digital Signage

You can educate, inform, and entertain with digital signs that communicate your company’s offerings, mission, or culture. It’s easy to update digital signs, so you can use them for special announcements and company news.

Monitors and Displays

Large formal display monitors and smart TVs are important for presentations, information, and more. Invest in the right monitors and displays for your lobby, meeting rooms, and other common spaces in the office.

Speakers – The Audio in Audio-Visual

Speakers can play music (of course), but they can also aid in presentations and, on the flip side of broadcasting, sound masking. Remember, not only do you have to look good, but you also have to sound good too.

Bottom Line Information for Small Business Audio-Visual Solutions

You don’t have to break the bank when updating your audio-visual components. Audio-Video Group has several packages, as well as a-la-carte options, to let you put your best foot forward with potential customers. Call us 800.668.4988 to learn more!

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