What is an Audio/Video Integrator?

If you run a business, university, house of worship, or nonprofit, you’ll likely be faced with the need to incorporate audio/video elements into your organization’s functions. When faced with a complex or unreliable system, this can be a frustrating element of the job for many people. The good news is, audio/video integrators exist to take that stress away. 

What you do is important: you have a message to spread, people to connect with each other, and communities to engage. High quality and reliable audio/video system is key to your success. We work with you to ensure that we understand how you will use the system to enhance your message, how you want your audience to experience that message, and to get you set up with a system that’s reliable and user-friendly.

Some of the specific elements we integrate include lighting, sound, videos, and control. Lighting might need to be functional, performance-focused, or both, and we can make that transition easy. Whether you need sound indoors, outdoors, or a combination of the two, we work with the facility to ensure everyone can hear, see, and understand.

Visual components are key to more than video conferencing–they can be a teaching or training aid, enhance a message, and increase accessibility for deaf people and those with hearing loss. Visuals can also have useful signage applications to spread your message. Finally, the control element is what makes your life easy. From preset options to multi-level access, you should have every capability you need accessible to you.

A/V integrators help you in several key ways. Primarily, we take care of the design, installation, and implementation of your AV system, including troubleshooting and training your team. We also on-going support through our System Preservation Program in case you do run into any snags, need a training refresh and can help you upgrade components as you grow.

If you are updating your space or moving to a new one, we can be there from the beginning to ensure that the A/V design is what you want it to be–that it meets your present needs and gives you options for the future. We ensure that you are set up to be productive. Involving A/V integrators beginning in the design phase will cost less in the long run, as it’s easier to design a fully functional system from the start than it is to retrofit a space to meet your needs later.

One of the challenges people face when considering their AV systems is making sense of the many options on the market to select the best products for them, which can get even more complicated when it’s time to make all of the components of the system work together. This is where an integrator can help. We’re aware of all of your options and can choose what will work best for your needs and budget. We make the system work as a whole, which means interfacing with vendors, architects, designers, contractors, facility owners, and more. All of this saves you a great deal of time and cost–resources better put into your work. 

A/V integrators also handle the software side of things. Once the wiring and hardware is in place, you need to be able to operate the system with ease. We create the connections between the devices themselves to work seamlessly from a single interface in a way that is customized to meet your precise needs.

You have important work to do. We help you do it well while taking one big area of stress off your hands. Whether you need to upgrade or revamp, an A/V integrator will work with you to get you the best audio/video setup possible.

Many businesses don’t have reliable audio-video systems. We’ve created a process for designing reliable, user-friendly A/V solutions. When you have a partner who understands how you want to use your audio-video equipment, you will be confident knowing your system will work, and your audience will see, hear, and be engaged in the message you’re delivering.

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