Why You Might Need Digital Signage

There are many applications you can consider when it comes to digital signage. Improvements in technology make significant differences in various industries and institutions, from retail establishments to churches. Digital signage is a crucial piece of audio-video equipment that has benefits across many different industries. This week, we’ll discuss some key reasons this technology could be useful in your business, school, or house of worship.


In retail or wholesale establishments, digital signage can help mediate the Amazon effect, which has changed consumer expectations to more self-sufficiency. A 2018 study showed that because of the seamless online shopping experience consumers are used to, 61% would prefer using a kiosk over speaking with an associate. A digital screen option that helps shoppers learn about products and make purchases in a brick-and-mortar store will engage consumers. That leads to less employee interaction, freeing up employee time. It can also help boost impulse buys by showing consumers promotions at critical moments. 

In other types of buildings, like schools or churches, digital signs can help with wayfinding, like locating restrooms or emergency exits and promoting activities and events without people having to find an employee or volunteer to help them. In these ways, digital signage can also help with social distancing.

Instant Display Changes

Digital signage allows displays to be changed immediately and across all locations from one remote site. This helps with consistent branding or messaging. For instance, if a company gets a new logo, it will not have to replace physical signs across all locations. Digital signage can save you time and money. A church could highlight a particular scripture passage on a digital sign every Sunday. Schools can instantly make different announcements to students. Because digital signage can also include sound, this is a great way to use audio-video equipment to keep content fresh over the course of a day.

These changes can also be automatic through scheduling ahead of time. Changes can include one-time or regular changes in pricing, offers, open hours, or anything else that can be done ahead of time.

Get Pedestrian Attention 

While static displays and mannequins can indeed attract customers from the street, digital signage has the unique benefit of leveraging motion. Digital signs capture about 400% more attention than static signs. This is very useful for businesses offering promotions, churches holding events open to the public, and more. Audio-video equipment will go much farther in getting people in your building than the use of static physical signage.

Recall and Retention

Consumers are more likely to recall what they saw on a digital sign over a static sign. It is helpful if you’re using digital signage to advertise an upcoming promotion or event. A study on digital signage shows that 83% of people remembered at least one ad they saw on a digital sign over the past 30 days, 65% recalled two, and 47% recalled three. The content of the signage makes a big difference, too. Memorable content can increase brand awareness or help people retain the important message you want them to absorb.

Lower Perceived Wait Times

Customers don’t like long lines. Who does? Occupying customer’s time feels like it moves more quickly. Digital signage can pass the time by giving customers something to watch or interact with. That can have the added benefit of advertising to the consumers or deciding about their order, so their interaction at the counter goes more quickly.

Improved Analytics

Digital signage can provide useful data for the company. If the display is interactive, the analytics on consumer use, like what products they searched for or how long they engaged with a video, can help enhance marketing efforts and user experience.

Improved Internal Communications with Digital Signage

Audio-video equipment isn’t just for consumers. Use digital signage to communicate more efficiently with staff by reminding them of upcoming events, highlighting health and safety procedures, and more. Engaging content keeps information relevant and timely.  It also gives team members a chance to absorb ambient content, which is very helpful for retention.

Whether you run a retail store, school, or church, Audio-Video Group can help you get just the right digital signage in place to optimize the experience for staff, visitors, customers, students, and more. 

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