Audio-Video Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Everyone is looking to the future, and that includes professional audio-video integrators. Your customers, students, and congregation members are looking to the future and want to see new, vibrant technology. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, trends are changing fast.

As everyone prepares and budgets for 2022, many ask about the next trends in audio-video in the DMV region. There is no doubt that our market in DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland is the center of the east coast technology corridor. Our location and the organizations based in the region create a trend-conscious environment.

From the Audio-Video Group team, here are some trends to watch in 2022.

2022 Audio-Video Trends in the DMV Region

In this blog, we will review six trends that we predict for 2022. Of course, we do not precisely know what trends will happen next year, but here is a watch list.

  1. The national supply chain issue will continue to be a problem in the professional audio-video integration field. Recently, we published a blog to answer your AV supply chain questions. As we watch this trend, we advise that you work with Audio-Video Group to order specked components early in your buying cycle.
  2. Live streaming will continue to dominate the professional audio-video market. Local churches must lead the way to show the benefit of live streaming. They have maintained and even grown their church membership during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have upgraded their production systems to broadcast to platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube. To be honest, businesses, schools, and other organizations could learn new trends and techniques from some churches in the DMV region.
  3. This fall, we told you about the popularity of Video Walls, and that trend will continue into 2022. Suppose you are looking for five new ways to use a video wall.
  4. The next trend that we are watching is the transition to outsourced AV maintenance. Many organizations in the region have downsized their staff and are planning to outsource AV maintenance and management to an integrator. In 2022, we see new technology and software leading the road to managed Audio-Video services.
  5. In 2022, more customers will visit retail locations. After shopping 80%+ of the time from home for almost two years, they are ready to see a brick-and-mortar retail site. But there is a caveat: the customer wants to be engaged and entertained. Audio-video is the solution. From kiosks to video walls and immersive sound, you need to plan to capture their attention.
  6. In 2022, the professional AV market will continue to increase the use of cloud technology and subscription services. Cloud services will reduce costs while increasing productivity and will allow you to participate in new AV trends.

Accelerated Audio-Video Trending

Perhaps the most significant trend is the rapid change of directions. The accelerated pace of changing trends has impacted audio-video business, like every aspect of business life. Here is a quote that sums up the trend whiplash that will remain into 2022.

“In just a few months, the COVID-19 crisis brought about (3-4) years of change in the way companies in all sectors and regions do business. What’s more, respondents expect most of these changes to be long lasting and are making the kinds of investments that all but ensure that the trends will stick.”— McKinsey Global Survey.

As a business leader, you not only have to acknowledge that trends are changing, but you must know which new trend to grab and incorporate into your business plan. Ask any of the trained professionals at Audio-Video Group for assistance.

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