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3 Hot AV Products from 2014 Infocomm Show

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot this month. At Audio-Video Group, we’ve identified the three hottest products that can fill your AV needs for this summer and beyond. Each of these products were featured during this year’s InfoComm conference in Las Vegas, a well-known hotspot for the latest and greatest in AV technology.  Whether you are looking for a stunning video system or a comprehensive way to mix your audio, you won’t want to miss these three items.     1. Crestron Digital Media Switcher What’s so special about a Crestron Digital Media Switcher?  It’s simple: 4K capabilities. …

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In Your Inner Ear! A Personal Monitoring Systems Primer

Personal monitoring preference is well, a personal issue. When you ask artists or performers you might get one answer, and sound technicians might give you a very different one. So what is the right way? Let’s break down personal monitoring so you can form your own opinion. The biggest problem with personal monitoring is allowing the artist to hear what they need to hear, while preventing the monitors from interfering with the sounds going into the space. It takes a good engineer to pull this off correctly. In many cases, the sound is muddy, unbalanced, and distracting.  So the only…

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2 Systems for Managing Your Campus AV

Looking for the all-in-one solution for your campus AV needs? You are in luck! There are two big players in the networked AV space that can make campus AV support a breeze. Extron’s Global Viewer, and Crestron’s Fusion Room View are both great solutions for this. So lets take a deeper look into the details to see which one is better fit for you. Before we get too far into the differences, lets talk about how they are the same. Generally the costs of the two systems are about the same. You get no advantage price hunting on these pieces…

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3 Engaging Display Technologies

Whether your space is a house of worship, a school system, or a corporate environment, your purpose is the same: education. Today’s advancements in display technologies, including interactive monitors and tablets, interactive whiteboards, and interactive displays, can help you educate better. Break your audience out of the sit-and-yawn presentation by swapping your outdated technology for dynamic, interactive experiences that challenge thought through audience interaction with a swipe of your finger or stylus. Write directly over PowerPoint® presentations and other working documents, then save progress and process through screen shots or video of the entire session. The picture or video can…

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