Frederick Health Village Set Up for Success in New Conference Center

When healthcare is more important than ever, Audio-Video Group is proud to work with Frederick Health. Audio-Video Group set up their new administrative center, the Frederick Health Village, for long-term success with top of the line technology.

In the fall of 2019, Frederick Health acquired the old State Farm Insurance campus in North Frederick. Since then, they have turned it into the new location for its home health care services, hospice, a COVID testing site, and administrative offices. 

“We were brought in and outfitted eight conference rooms in the Frederick Health Village for various functions for continuing education training for nursing staff,” explained Audio-Video Group sales director John Pierce, CTS. “Each of the rooms has the same technology and functionality. So every room will be familiar to the staff, and scheduling will be easier because you don’t have to reserve specific rooms for special technology.”

Frederick Health Village Leverages Interactive Technology

Each room in the administrative campus has a centralized display using a projector and video switching equipment to connect the hospital computers to these systems for presentations and virtual meetings. 

Many of their rooms have interactive technology where meeting attendees can use the whiteboard, annotate over images or MRI slides, and then email those notes to doctors or staff to make running the hospital and practicing medicine more efficient.

The rooms feature cameras and microphones to make a hybrid, in-person, and video training or meetings easier for groups rotating working in the office and working from home. The dedicated control system in every conference room makes it easy for anyone to walk in and start a meeting seamlessly and effortlessly with the touch of a button.

This hybrid solution works well for a COVID scenario while offices are operating at limited capacity and fully functional post-COVID if they choose to have virtual or hybrid meetings in the future.

“All of the AV systems were custom designed by us,” Pierce said. “We retrofit the existing conference rooms in the facility. That’s part of what makes Audio-Video Group special–we can custom design, retrofit, or whatever a client needs.”

This project took several months and followed another project, Audio-Video Group, completed in the early summer of 2020. “The Frederick Health team liked the technology so much that they wanted it system-wide,” said Pierce.

Efficiency A Key For Success

Before Audio-Video Group installed these upgrades, ease of use was the staff’s biggest complaint, and now anyone from the CEO to a new IT person can use the system efficiently.

Audio-Video Group’s Commitment Corporate Giving

Audio-Video Group has been a long time partner and supporter of Frederick Health–we donate corporately through them with the Corporate Honor Roll. “We have been honor roll members for the last several years, which means we donate back to the hospital and their charitable initiatives and everything they do to grow and help the community,” Pierce explained.

Eric Johnson, Audio-Video Group’s founder, and his wife Jennifer are also personally involved in Frederick Health through the Order of the Good Samaritan, a group of individuals who support Frederick Health’s mission through financial support. 

“Since moving to Frederick in 2000, we have had many opportunities to work with the hospital on various Good Samaritan,” Eric said. “We’ve helped celebrate the many generous individuals in the community and all the great things the hospital has accomplished. Our appreciation became much more personal in 2005 when our twins were born at the hospital. Being a high-risk pregnancy due to underlying medical conditions, we were grateful for the personal and professional care we received.”

As always, Audio-Video Group is proud to partner with Frederick Health to help keep the Frederick community healthy and vibrant.

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