Improve Your Event with Audio-Video Group (Part 3: Audio)

This three-part series will give you tips on improving your event with the help of Audio-Video Group. Planning an event is stressful enough. Why worry about things that we can worry about for you? In part 1, we reviewed the importance of staging at your event and in part 2 we discussed professional lighting.

The final way to improve your event is with your audio. Now, we know you need audio. Whether it’s for music, speakers, panel discussions, or live performance, it’s a no brainer. But, what people usually forgo is hiring a professional to run your sound during your event. The sound system can make or break your event. Too loud? Your guests will be uncomfortable. Too quiet? Your audience missed everything. Hire a professional to help.

Provide Equipment
When Audio-Video Group gets hired for events, we often supply all of the equipment. This includes top-of-the-line microphones, speakers, and mixers. We also make sure to bring all necessary cords and cables and will hook everything up for you properly and tear down after the event. This is a huge stress-reliever for event planners. Have you ever been to an event where the mic produces feedback or the speakers were set up too far away, making them useless? We’re sure you have and we’re sure that sticks out as a negative when you think back on the event.

As you move through the schedule of your event, different parts of the night require different volumes. Entrance and dinner music should be soft. The program and entertainment should be loud enough for the whole audience to hear. Background music should be just that—barely noticeable background noise. When you hire an Audio-Video Group technician, all of this is taken care of. You can rest assured that your event will run smoothly and that all the audio will be controlled while you enjoy the event.

Décor and Setup
Nothing can ruin the décor of your event like a large speaker with cords all over the floor, tripping your guests. During the set up process, we do our best to hide cords to make your event safe and attractive. While it doesn’t always go away, we try to make speakers and amplifiers seamlessly blend in with the decorations.

We hope this series helped you consider these often overlooked aspects of an event. Whether you need help with staging, lighting, audio, or all three, Audio-Video Group is happy to help!

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