Is Digital Signage Right for Your Business?

Digital signage is an excellent solution for improving your brand’s communication with clients or employees. It’s beneficial in its flexibility: you can convey virtually any message in a couple of clicks. Let’s break it down.

What is Digital Signage?

A typical digital signage setup is a screen or screens connected to a network. They can display any message depending on the type of business.

For example:

  • Malls use digital signage screens to help customers navigate the premises.
  • Restaurants use digital signage screens as digital menu boards.
  • In retail stores, digital signage is the best way to promote sales and special offers.
  • In schools, it is used to display timetables and announcements.
  • Digital signage is an excellent internal communications tool for office environments, notifying employees about meeting schedules, displaying company dashboards or social media feeds, etc.

Touch screens offer even more exciting possibilities with interactive digital signage. Users can easily access different types of information depending on their needs.

How Digital Signage Can Benefit Your Business

As we said, the main benefit of digital signage is its flexibility. Updating the information that displays on signage screens is very easy and can be done instantly. Modern cloud-based software solutions for digital signage management are easy to use and don’t require technical or coding skills.

But there’s more to it, digital signage offers quite a few other advantages:


Dynamic content is very effective. When designed properly, your digital signage messages will attract attention. Depending on your goals, they may inform the audience or even help convert visitors into customers.


If your business runs in multiple locations, your digital signage network can become the glue that holds them together. With such a solution, your employees in different branches will feel like a part of a whole. Of course, when needed, you can customize your digital signage content depending on location.


Don’t worry, building a digital signage setup won’t create a black hole in your budget. In some cases, it may actually save you money. For instance, if you use print media such as menus, posters, or flyers, switching to a digital signage solution can prove much more economical. And it is much more environmentally friendly, too!

How to Build a Digital Signage Network

All you need to start your digital signage journey is a display with networking possibilities, a software solution, and some content ideas. The rest depends on your goals and needs. However, there are some essential factors to keep in mind:

Analyze the location. Pick the right point for the digital signage screen to maximize visibility to achieve maximum reach.

Pick the right screen size. It will depend on factors such as your venue’s size, audience, and the content you plan to display.

Safety. When installing the screen in a public place, ensure it is secure and safely mounted.

Security. Ensure all ports and connectors are secure and out of reach, and your network is password-protected.

Connectivity. Wi-fi is the best option, but you should make sure that the connection is stable and that your network hardware supports the required bandwidth. A hard-wired connection is certainly an option and will be more stable.

Secret Ingredient. Content is king. You must always keep in mind that digital signage itself is only a medium. Content is what makes the difference. You must analyze your target audience, set clear goals for your digital signage setup, create a content plan, and ensure that your content is aligned with your branding.

Is Digital Signage a Good Investment?

Yes. Digital signage can enrich your customers’ experience or improve your employees’ productivity. It does not require a lot of resources but can provide excellent returns.

Here is an example from our client, Frederick MD-based cleaning company Lee Building Maintenance, of digital signage used in their reception area…

Are you considering creating a digital signage network for your business? Audio-Video Group is here to help! Call us, and let’s talk.

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