Tips to reopen safely – we can help.

If you need tips to reopen, we can help you do it safely and seamlessly using A/V technology.

As more organizations are reopening, business owners and church leaders are rightly wondering how they can serve their communities and keep everyone safe at the same time. This is an unprecedented moment, so it’s okay to not have all the answers. That’s why we’re here–to help you set up seamless, easy-to-use technological solutions. In this week’s post, we will walk you through some considerations and ideas for different kinds of institutions.

Houses of Worship

Whether they are looking to hold regular weekly services or special events like weddings, worship leaders will have to be concerned with keeping parishioners at an appropriate distance from each other. This might mean re-thinking the physical layout of the space. Can you block off rows of pews so that parishioners can only sit in family groups and six feet away from others? In that case, what do robust worship communities do about overflow?

AVG can easily help you arrange to broadcast services to overflow areas, including screens outdoors that will live stream your services and allow access for the hearing impaired to connect via their hearing aids. Parishioners could sit in their cars or in distanced outdoor seating to enjoy the service. Also useful is our ability to stream services directly onto your parishioners’ devices so they can watch from home–or anywhere they happen to be. 


Corporate environments also present a challenge with reopening. Before bringing people back to work in the building, it’s important to answer several questions for yourself: What are the goals for people working in the building, as opposed to remotely? How can you achieve those goals with social distancing and sanitation practices in place? Then, set up a plan to guide your team, and communicate that plan to your employees. Keeping them in the loop and providing space to listen to their concerns and ideas is key to making this a safe transition and keeping employee morale high.

You are likely to need to re-evaluate the physical space of the office to allow for people to work safely. This might mean you need to enhance your teleconferencing capabilities so that people can communicate with each other from the office to their colleagues at home. We can set up the technology and the software needed to ensure that your office is cohesive, even if only some people are working in the building. 

Keep in mind that high-risk employees may be reluctant to stop working from home for their health and safety. Their concerns are valid, so ensure that you can take care of them while continuing to meet your goals for your business with a state of the art teleconferencing setup that can help everyone feel as connected as they would if they were in the same room.

Virtual Visitations

Concerns about nursing home and hospice residents are still high, especially as some of these care facilities are experiencing new outbreaks, possibly in the wake of mother’s day visits. We have gone into detail before about our virtual visitation options. Our innovative program consists of a 55” Interactive Panel along with video conferencing software that allows residents to meet with their families virtually. They can also use the panel to play interactive games and do brain teasers–all helpful to maintaining long-term mental acuity.

Nursing home and hospice residents are among our most vulnerable people, so keeping them safe is a priority. We can have a virtual visitation system set up in your center in 7-10 business days, so that your residents can feel the love of their family and friends without compromising their safety.

Whatever your organization, keep in mind that reopening safely requires lots of planning, creative thinking, and innovation. Reopening can be an opportunity to re-think how your business or organization runs for the better. AVG is here to help ensure that you have the audio-visual support you need as we all move into the future together.


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