You Can Bring Virtual Visitation to Senior Centers, Hospice

Senior citizens in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospice centers are at high risk for contracting COVID-19, and thus many of them have not been able to have direct contact with their loved ones for a month or more. For people who might already feel disconnected from their life and afraid of what the pandemic will mean for them and their loved ones, waving at their friends and family through the window doesn’t fulfill the social connection they need. 

AVG wants to help senior living centers and hospices implement virtual visitations. Our clients, like the Hospice of Washington County, want the best for their residents. We need to find ways to help their residents meet the universal need for human connection during a time when doing so is extra challenging.

Our virtual visitation program is straightforward and easy to use. It involves a 55” Interactive Panel, along with video teleconferencing software, a speaker, and a camera. The resident or patient’s family needs a computer, phone, or tablet on their end to participate in a virtual visit. 

This innovative solution can be up and running within 7-10 days. And for those who need accessible hearing accommodations, we can loop a system around their neck that will easily connect with their hearing aids so they can hear all of the love coming from their family and friends.

This pandemic is temporary, and new ways for seniors and hospice patients to connect with their loved ones is a long-term investment. Family members who are traveling, for instance, will still be able to check in on their loved ones with this system. There’s nothing like getting to see your family member’s faces to know how they’re feeling and to assure them that you are listening. 

Plus, virtual visits allow more people to participate than would be allowed physically in a resident’s room, so residents can virtually attend family dinners, holiday celebrations, and birthday parties. Pandemic or not, virtual visitation will give residents something to look forward to and boost their spirits.

The interactive panel includes other benefits as well. With this setup, seniors can play interactive games, do brain teaser puzzles, and even make art. This new way for them to engage and create will benefit their overall health.

We care about our clients, and we know our clients care about the work they do for their residents and patients. Call us today to schedule your virtual visitation system. Reasonably priced at around $5,000 and ready to go in less than two weeks, this investment in your residents’ health and happiness is a long-term solution that works. As always, we are always available for tech support to ensure your new system is running perfectly.

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