Expert Series 3: Video Systems

If you’re following our series, you know that when it comes to audio, control is king. You also know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, meaning that the most important aspect of your system is that all of the components work well together to achieve your goals. Well, the same applies to video and projection. You have a lot of different pieces that need to come together to create a successful end product, so creative planning is key. And do you know who is an expert at creative planning? Audio-Video Group.

How the Projector Impacts Video

Whether your organization needs to project song lyrics for the congregation or present your company’s earning spreadsheets, a projector can get the job done. But knowing which projector is right for you might be more complicated than you think. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right one. Think about where it will be installed and how much sunlight the room gets, as well as the more technical aspects, like zoom range, lens shift, aspect ratio, and resolution. With all of those components coming together into one piece of expensive equipment, having an expert there to guide you through the selection process is vital.

How the Screen Impacts Video

If you’re going to have a projector, you need a screen. And if you thought a lot of planning went into your projector, wait until you shop around for a screen! First, we figure out what you’ll be using the screen for. Some clients require a high level of detail due to their subject matter, while others can use a lower level for general viewing. Then we look at the screen’s reflective capabilities and how it will impact the brightness of the image. In some cases, the image you’re projecting has lost brightness by the time it reaches your screen due to ambient light or the lens used. This is called gain reduction, and it’s caused by outside elements like sunlight, distance, and the types of lenses used. But the right screen can help solve these issues and increase the resolution and improve your end product. Finally, we determine the best screen size by calculating the distance from the screen to the projector. Shopping around for products with the right level of detail, limited gain reduction, and the right size can be tricky. But, with AVG, it’s a breeze.

How the Room Impacts Video

Throughout the planning process, we’re constantly thinking about the room where the projector and screen will be set up. This is where the creative planning brings all of your elements together. We think about things like the room’s natural light, the distance of the projector to the screen, and whether the imagery is visible to the entire room. If your room has a lot of windows or the projector and screen need to be installed farther apart, the natural light will impact the brightness of the projected image. We can come up with creative solutions for blinds or shutters, and look for projectors with a higher lumen count and a screen with a better gain increase. Additionally, we look at the setup of the room and determine the best positioning for the screen and projector so that everyone in the room can see. That might mean installing two screens so the congregation members in the balcony can see, or rearranging your conference room for a better flow. Sometimes projectors and screens don’t always work for what you need. When that happens, don’t give up. There are other options that we can help you with. Check out some of our LED video wall projects as examples where projection just didn’t cut it!

When it comes to video and projection, we are subject matter experts. We know that an expensive projector is useless without the right screen, and that a fancy screen won’t help you if half of your employees can’t see it in your conference room. Most importantly, we know to plan for all of these things from the beginning, saving you time, money, and headaches down the line. Need an expert? Give us a call today!

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