How Howard County General Hospital Uses the Best in Healthcare A/V Solutions

Howard County General Hospital knew they needed an update to their audio-video equipment. They are part of Johns Hopkins Medicine, one of the country’s premier academic medical systems. It’s critical that everything from their patient care to healthcare A/V solutions is up to date.

In keeping with their mission to “provide the highest quality care to improve the health of our entire community through innovation, collaboration, service excellence, diversity and a commitment to patient safety,” they called Audio-Video Group to help them set up new healthcare A/V solutions in multiple conference rooms around the hospital.

Easy to Use Healthcare A/V Solutions

Among HCGH’s top priorities was the ease of use. Many people from different backgrounds and departments would need to use all of the equipment easily.

Among some of the conference room’s standard features are video cameras for easy video conferencing. Their solution also includes simple presentation and video conferencing capabilities.

Each conference room has a different function. Including training stations for nurses and doctors, education for patients to watch informational presentations on their surgery and care, and an emergency command center–particularly valuable when COVID hit.

Interactive Healthcare A/V Solutions

The hospital also opted to install eight interactive panels throughout, with software that allows users to monitor beds, give them an overall picture of how the hospital is functioning, and allocate resources and staff appropriately.

The interactive panels and the screens in the conference room have a variety of valuable functions. Including allowing users to screenshot, annotate on top of an image, email the information out on the spot, and more.

Consistency is Key

All of the technology is consistent from space to space.  Anyone who knows how to use the equipment in one room can confidently run it in another one. It makes life easier for everyone involved. For instance, once someone is trained in one room, they can work the other rooms’ equipment. It also helps with room scheduling, as no one needs to account for user abilities in any specific room. All of the rooms are more useful because of this flexibility.

We love making sure that our healthcare community has the best in healthcare AV solutions, and it was a pleasure to work with HCGH. If you are looking into upgrading the A/V in your healthcare practice, we would love to chat with you about it–give us a call today.

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