Temperature Scanners & Your COVID A/V Technology Tool Kit

Developing an audio-video technology tool kit can help you now and far into the future. Institutions of all kinds are trying to safely remain open during this marked spike in COVID-19 cases, especially considering the upcoming holidays. At Audio-Video Group, we have several ways we can help, including temperature scanners.

No-contact infrared temperature scanners are popping up all over the place this year, everywhere from airports to restaurants. 

What are Temperature Scanners?

They are a first layer of screening safer to use than methods requiring contact with another person or with a device that needs to be sanitized between every user. They are not a foolproof tool for preventing the spread of COVID-19 all on their own. They’re a safe tool in your COVID A/V Technology Tool Kit. 

Temperature scanners have a place in combating this pandemic, along with a more thorough symptom screen and an accounting for where people have traveled and to whom they’ve been around. We began offering them in August to help businesses and churches eliminate one variable in their attempt to keep people safe, and have been pleased with the results!

Remember, the temperature scanners are only one tool in your COVID A/V Technology Tool Kit. We have been working with our clients all along to help keep employees safe and parishioners happy

Developing Your Audio-Video Tool Kit

There are many other tactics you can use to combat the spread of COVID-19 and will keep your organization collaborative, efficient, and productive far into the future. 

  • We can help you set-up, automate, and integrate your temperature screening technology
  • Provide secure, reliable cloud-based collaboration tools
  • Set-up video conferencing technology, which has many benefits beyond the pandemic
  • No-touch or Bring Your Own Device enabled conference rooms equipped with voice and gesture responsive technology
  • Unified Communications Solutions 
  • Interactive panels and motion-sensor digital signage
  • Integrated Audio-Video System Design and Installation and more

If you want to install a temperature scanner or any other technology to help alleviate COVID concerns or technology challenges you’re facing, contact us to discuss your unique needs. 

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